Kerstin Woodside




Kerstin is a recent Saline resident who has done social justice work her whole life. She moved to Saline four years ago and has two children who attending Saline Schools. She is well-versed in LGBTQ+ matters, is a fearless supporter of students' rights and will always help those in need.

Darcy Berwick




Devoted mother of two, Darcy has been a long time volunteer at their schools and PTA/PTO board member. She is an active ally for our marginalized youth and believes that education is key to understanding and acceptance.

Heather Finch




Heather is a Saline High School grad and mother of four, ages 4-11. She has been involved with advocacy for marginalized populations for many years. Due to her personal experiences, she has a strong passion for supporting students with special needs and IEPs.


Tiffanie Alexander
Family Engagement Coordinator



Tiffanie is a mother of two. She has been involved in advocacy since the age of sixteen, starting with children in the special needs and disability community. Her first adult job was with a company that advocated for children, within the schools, and worked to implement effective therapy techniques in the home. Working with various populations has taught her the one truth that matters when it comes to equity and equality: There is no equality for one, unless there is equality for all; anything else is the extension of privilege. She has worked very hard to be involved in the schools, and is proud to be a member of the Saline Area School's DEI Advisory Committee.

Angela Olson
Resource Coordinator



Angi is a Saline graduate with an LMSW from Eastern Michigan University. She is a single parent of a recent Saline graduate, daughter of 2 Saline graduates and granddaughter of another. Witnessing prejudice at a young age inspired her to pursue a career in social work. She studied abroad and sought opportunities to learn about diversity and inclusion, and through her career has worked with people of different races, cultures, religions, ages, genders and abilities to empower others through connecting people with resources, and advocating for and supporting system changes to address inequity. She is excited about the opportunity to continue this work in her hometown.